Women’s Ministry

The purpose of our Women’s Ministries is to equip and encourage the women of our church to grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ through Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship. To fulfill this purpose, our women join together for a wonderful Bible study on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 as well as many other activities and events designed for fellowship, spiritual growth, and service.


 Is anyone else like me, wondering where the summer went?  Time is such a valuable gift and it seems to fly by when we are not looking.  Which makes it necessary to let you all know about the wonderful opportunity we have waiting for you in our ladies’ Bible study this year as we explore Precept Upon Precept teaching by Kay Arthur of 1st Samuel – “God’s Search for a Man After His Own Heart”. 
This study will begin September 19th at 10:00 am in the Education Building.  We will have the chance to go far deeper into our study materials with a different approach by Kay.  There is a work book, which will be key to our studies and we will be keeping the cost to $10.00.  Also it will make studying this work book easier if you would consider purchasing a 3-ring notebook.  You can pick up this type of binder at any dollar store.  
This study will be followed in January by Beth Moore’s study of David – The man after Gods own heart. By studying these twin themed books of 1st and 2nd Samuel, we should gain a far greater understanding of what it means to be a women after Gods own heart.
We look forward to seeing all of you for wonderful fellowship and a great study September 19th.  Please invite your friends, the lady next door and anyone else who would love to dig into Gods word for a greater understanding of the abundant life He has for us.  Looking forward to seeing you all again.
 For more information about joining the Women’s Ministry contact Chris (239-992-5225).

We hope you will join us soon!